Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning


Our window cleaning services are the foundation on which IClean Services have built up our superior reputation across the market, helping customers just like you to not only clean their windows but to revitalise the exterior of their property thanks to a service that is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee.

We offer two different types of window cleaning service, both of which set up apart from our competition thanks to our attention to detail and the quality of our finish, giving you streak-free and thoroughly cleaned windows.

IClean Services originally began to create our customer base focused on traditional window cleaning methods however we have progressed to become one of the leading pole fed window cleaning specialists in West Yorkshire.

Whichever of the cleaning methods you desire, our results speak for themselves and with the added bonus of our IClean Services customer satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure that you are getting the highest possible service available in the UK.

What is Pole Fed Window Cleaning?


Pole Fed window cleaning makes use of 100% pure, de-ionised water that is heated within our own vans and passed through fibre glass poles that have a scratch-resistance brush head located at the end of it to allow our team to be able to clean your windows like never before.

While using de-ionised water is environmentally friendly, it also possesses impressive capabilities to be able to locate the dirt and grim that is making your windows dirty, carefully lifting it from the surface before our telescopic pole mounted brush removes the dirt, resulting in a crystal clear, streak-free finish.

The benefits of Pole Fed cleaning don’t stop their either, with telescopic poles allowing our team to be able to extend our reach to 65ft without the use of ladders, it has also become one of the safest window cleaning methods available.

Getting That Traditional, Hand Finished Touch

We believe that to be able to offer our customers the best range of cleaning services possible, we need to be able to offer them the type of service that they are looking for and that is why we haven’t turned our back on our heritage, offering traditional window cleaning too.

While many of our competitors have chosen to solely offer Pole Fed window cleaning services, IClean Services give you, the customer, the chance to be able to choose how you would like your property to be cleaned, besides, both us and our list of traditional cleaning clients believe that we are the best traditional cleaning service in West Yorkshire.

If you would rather have your cleaning done traditionally and finished with that up close and personal finish from one of our fully trained team, IClean Services are the only domestic cleaning specialists that you need to remember.

The Number One Choice for Window Cleaners in Bradford

Here at iClean we have worked hard to ensure that we provide our customers with an industry leading level of service while ensuring that customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything that we do.

It is for that reason that we are widely known as the best window cleaners in Bradford when it comes to both price and results, with many of our existing customers sources through the recommendation and word of mouth of our own customer base.

Our Bradford window cleaning services span throughout the region, covering all Bradford postcodes and with our growing reputation, we are expanding into surrounding areas too.

If you are in need of window cleaning services in Bradford, you don’t need to look any further as iClean Services proudly lead the way.